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Two Stellar Freudenthal Caregivers Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

Sonja Collins, RN and Nicole Edwards, CNA/L1MA

The Compassion Point recognized two stellar Freudenthal caregivers for their drive to go above and beyond to care for their patients. Sonja Collins, RN and Nicole Edwards, CNA/L1MA were given the Summer Caregiver Awards for Hospice and In-Home care respectively. Both women regularly exceed expectations to deliver the best care possible for their patients.

Both of these amazing women are beautiful examples of respect, kindness, and concern. Their first-class care sits at the foundation of everything Freudenthal Home-based Healthcare stands for.

Sonja was nominated by fellow employee and former Compassion Point Caregiver Award winner Lindsey Martin.

Lindsey Martin and Sonja Collins

"Sonja goes above and beyond for her pts, Sonja molds herself to be whatever that pt and family needs, from a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or is able to just sit there and provide comfort with no words, just love and presence. Sonja is a helping hand for all team members and will do whatever she can do to help you even if that means putting herself behind in her own work. Sonja starts early in the mornings and works late into the evenings. Sonja has devoted her life to her hospice team and patient and their families. I have first handed seen Sonja provide bed baths and showers when needed for a pt without being ask from her team, she jumps right in there and provides whatever care that pts needs. Sonja put everyone before herself, and many times needs to be told to slow down and remember to take care of herself. Sonja has a true calling for hospice, I see it everyday, the love and compassion that she has is a true gift that cannot be taught. Sonja is a fun spirited and brings so much fun and laughter to patients in their last days, she would do just about anything for a smile and laugh from an ailing pt. Most importantly Sonja advocated for her pts and their wants and wishes. Sonja is the type of nurse you wish you could clone, the type of nurse everyone wants to be around and everyone enjoys working with. I could go on for days about her and how great she is, Sonja deserves to win this award because she is all around an amazing person and a superior nurse and she deserves to be recognized for that."

Nicole's nomination came from her manager Jennifer Marcott. Nicole never expected to win an award for just doing what she loves to do.

"Nicole goes above and beyond for all of her clients. She has a big heart and always thinks of her clients before herself. If they are in the hospital, she goes visits them. She calls them to keep in touch to see how they're doing. Her client's families have really enjoyed her. Nicole is always asking if there is anything she can do. She has dropped everything and ran to her clients if they called her with an emergency. She is one that I call on when I need someone at a drop of the hat. I know she knows her job and she can do it. If she has any concerns she calls me. Nicole is one of a kind caregiver."



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