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The September Aging Well Award Winner Fred Robertson is A Cut Above

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Fred cutting hair 1

After graduating high school Fred Robertson knew exactly what he was going to do for a living. He sold everything he had and held two jobs while attending barber college. In 1968 Fred bought an interest in the first barbershop he would own in Bethany, MO. It would be sixteen years later that he would move to St. Joseph so he could be closer to his children. While his location has changed a few times, currently in a one room barbershop inside his garage, one thing has stayed the same, his low prices. Fred believes that everyone deserves a break from high prices. Frank jokingly says "I can keep the prices low because I walk to work!" It's this witty banter that makes sure everyone has an enjoyable experience while sitting in his chair. The smiles and laughter in his shop are proof that Fred truly loves what he does.

Retirement sign

For Fred, cutting hair is not work, it's a passion. It's this passion that makes it a no-brainer why Fred is September's Aging Well Award winner! None of us could believe that Fred is 72 years old. He trims and snips hair with the same dexterity and vigor of that young man who started cutting hair in 1968! After fifty-five years of cutting hair, Fred and his wife have decided it is time to retire and move once again to a smaller home with less "yard work and maintenance." Congratulations Fred you deserve this award and a very happy retirement! You really are aging well!

PS: If you're wondering about Fred's iconic Hawaiian shirts, they came from his wife. He was no longer able to find a barber's smock with just a single pocket, so he asked his wife to pick him up a few straight cut shirts with one pocket. As a joke she decided to pick him up some of the brightest Hawaiian shirts she could find. As you can see they not only met his needs but really fit his personality.

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