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73 Year-Old Zumba Instructor Wins August Aging Well Award from Freudenthal Primary Care At Home

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

After losing her husband, Betty Stacey said she became a bit of a couch potato. As time passed she knew she needed to get back out into world and start living again.

Betty came across Zumba and it was a great fit of exercise and interaction. Eventually she heard about Zumba Gold and how it was helping individuals that couldn't handle a regular Zumba class still be able to exercise while seated in a chair. After spending time in prayer, she felt she was being called by God to help area seniors by providing Zumba Gold classes for free.

Betty is a great example of what it means to Age Well and why Freudenthal Primary Care at Home partnered with News-Press Now to create this award. At 73 she is not letting age get in the way of her mission to help people stay healthy and happy.

If you would like to take Zumba Gold (regular or chair-based) classes with Betty and the crew from 3 to 1 Fitness, you can find their schedule on their facebook page at


"Betty is a beacon to all who know her, especially those who attend her Road to Gold classes. She truly has a heart of Gold! Her caring nature has prompted her to work with nursing home residents of all ages as they strive to maintain their health through her exercise classes. I am privileged to know her and her friendship is so important to me. She smiles through everything and is creates an atmosphere of welcoming kindness to everyone around her."

— Mary Buckler


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