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The 4 Ms of Geriatric Care

The physician-led team at Freudenthal Primary Care at Home focuses on 4 key areas, known as the 4Ms of Geriatric Care. The “Ms” stand for the targets that are important to care for us all as we age. Seniors in their mid-70’s and beyond, may develop different combinations of diseases, health conditions, and disabilities. As these health needs become more complex, Freudenthal plays an essential role in managing these conditions based on what matters most to each person.


The 4Ms



  • Polypharmacy (the medical term for taking several medications) and de-prescribing (the opportunity to stop unnecessary medications)

  • Optimal prescribing (working to make sure the quality, rather than quantity, of medications you take serves your personal needs as you age)

  • Adverse medication effects (the medical term for serious side effects associated with medications) and medication burden


  • Mentation

  • Dementia

  • Delirium

  • Depression


  • Amount of mobility and function

  • Impaired gait (how you walk) and balance

  • Prevention of injuries from falls

What Matters Most

  • Each individual’s own meaningful health outcome goals and care preferences

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