In-Home Summary

Have you gone through a spell recently? If so, Freudenthal Home Health's home health services can help you get healthier and feeling good again. Home Health St Joseph MO


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Helps you live a full and independent life in your own home!

Our In-Home Care includes:

Our In-Home Care is provided by our exceptional staff that is fully trained, insured, and bonded.  Also, all have had extensive background checks.

Rates & Pricing

If you qualify, In-Home Care is 100% paid for by Medicaid, some private insurances, or the Veteran's Administration.

You may also pay privately for our In-Home Care.


When your physician or the hospital staff ask you which In-Home Care provider you would like to use, request "Freudenthal Home Health."  They will contact us and we will take care of the rest of the arrangements.


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First-Class Staff

Our exceptionally well-equipped staff helps you live a full life in your own home. 


The staff is so wonderful. They’re more than caregivers to me, they have become my second family.
— C. Wilson - Client