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Have you gone through a spell recently? If so, Freudenthal Home Health's home health services can help you get healthier and feeling good again. Home Health St Joseph MO

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Helps you get healthier and feeling good again!

Have you gone through a spell that sent you to the doctor or to the hospital? Depending on your situation, home health care can range from nursing care to specialized medical services, such as laboratory workups. Your doctor will determine your plan of care and order services you will
need at home.

Skilled Nursing Services

Examples of Skilled Nursing Services:

  • Diabetic Management and Education

  • Wound Care

  • Catheter Care and Maintenance

  • Injections and Infusions

  • Cardiac and Pulmonary Care

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

  • Physical Therapy helps you regain movement and strength.

  • Occupational Therapy helps you regain the ability to perform daily activities such as bathing and putting on clothes.

  • Speech Therapy helps you regain communication, language, eating and drinking skills.

Social Work Services

Examples of Social Work Services:

  • Evaluate the Social and Emotional Factors
    Affecting Patients

  • Provide Counseling

  • Identify Available Community Resources for Patients
    and Family Members

  • Facilitate Long-term Planning and Decision-making

Home Health Aide Services

Home Health Aides provide a sense of pride, dignity and independence for each individual by assisting with bathing, grooming, and dressing. 

Rates & Pricing

If you qualify, Home Health Care is 100% paid for by Medicare, some private insurances, or the Veteran's Administration. 

When your physician or the hospital staff ask you which home health agency you would like to use, request "Freudenthal."  They will contact us and we will take care of the rest of the arrangements. 

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Home Health Care - St Joseph MO


After I got out of the hospital, Freudenthal Home Health helped me get stronger so I could stay in the home I love.
— D. Butterfield - Client