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Top 5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blah!

The days are getting shorter and the winds are getting colder, it’s a sure sign that winter is saying hello. For some, this time of year is a time of happiness and celebration, but for many seniors winter can be one of the most depressing seasons. Winter depression is still a mystery to scientists who study it. Many things, including brain chemicals, ions in the air, and genetics seem to be involved. However, they all agree that one major contributor to this seasonal depression is the lack of light, which leads us to number one on our list!


Let the
light shine in!

Open those blinds and turn on those lights. Get as much light as you can. You might even consider looking into lights that simulate the brightness and glow of natural light. It seems simple enough: In higher latitudes, winter days are shorter, so you get less exposure to sunlight. Replace lost sunlight with bright artificial light, and your mood improves.

Alfred Lewy, MD, a seasonal affective disorder researcher at the Oregon Health & Science University, says it's not only a matter of getting light, but also getting it at the right time. "The most important time to get light is in the morning," he says. There are alarm clocks that actually simulate the rising of the sun and gradually fill your room with light to help you wake up in a more natural way and start your day off right.


Listen To The Music

A 2013 study in the Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who listened to upbeat music could improve their moods and boost their happiness in just two weeks.

In the study, participants were instructed to try to improve their mood, but they only succeeded when they listened to the upbeat music. Plus, a happier mood brings benefits beyond feeling good. Lead study author, Yuna Ferguson, noted that happiness has been linked to better physical health, higher income, and greater relationship satisfaction.


Spend Quality Time

People who spend time with family and friends helps to relieve stress. A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University found that people use their family and friends as a stress buffer, talking about their problems instead of seeking negative coping mechanisms. The emotional support provided by social ties enhances your psychological well-being. One study found that people who view their friends and families as supportive reported a greater sense of meaning in life and felt like they had a stronger sense of purpose.


Make New Plans

Nothing gets your mind off of your problems like having something to look forward to. Plan something to do, whether it’s a vacation or going to local events. Consider buying tickets to a concert, plan a night out, or head to a movie. The key here is to find something that you’re really excited about doing and savor not only the experience, but the anticipation of doing it.


Cuddle With A Pet

Studies have shown that pets can be both fun and calming. These furry friends can be the perfect companion in a moment of depression and sadness. When you’re feeling down, spend some extra time petting your cat or playing catch with your dog. You’ll both be happier!


Call Out For Help

If nothing seems to help, don’t hesitate to call out for help. Call your family, friends, doctor, or Freudenthal. We are here to help you find the care you need, no matter what! We want to help you live a full life at home surrounded by compassionate care.

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