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Where To Begin: The Questions You Should Be Asking


Countless times we’ve heard the stories of families that are thrust into family caregiving situations and don’t know where to begin looking for help or even what questions they should be asking. Sometimes it even can feel like caregiving options are being forced on them or that they have to make decisions “right now” without researching their options.

Choosing care for a loved one is definitely a decision that deserves some thought and research, especially when that means hiring professional caregivers that will be working inside the home. High pressure tactics on the part of a medical facility can make it feel like there is no time to make the decision, but don’t let it stop you from asking these important questions.

The Company:

Who owns the company?
Is it owned and managed by a family or a corporation?
Are they local and a part of our community?


If I have questions who do I talk to?
Is it the same person every time or is it a call center?
Is this person a healthcare professional?
If I have questions after hours or on the weekend, is there someone I can call?


Is the company certified by Medicare and Medicaid?
Are it’s caregivers bonded and insured through the agency?
What are their privacy practices?


What process do they use to hire and assess your caregivers?
What does the pre-employment screening look like?
Do they have additional screenings each year?
How do they evaluate your caregivers?
How often do they evaluate your caregivers?
What training do they provide to the caregivers?
How do they respond to emergencies?


What specific services do they provide?
Do they provide in-home care as well as home health & hospice care?
Will my loved one have the same caregiver every time?
What happens if the caregiver doesn’t show up on time or at all?
What if my loved one doesn’t approve of the caregiver or wants a new one?


How likely is it that Medicare Part A will cover my parent’s home health care?
What insurance plans do they accept?
Do they submit claims to the insurance agency or am I expected to do so?
What expenses, if any, are excluded?

These certainly do not cover all the questions you may have that are specific to your family caregiving situation, but they give you a place to start. Having a good place to begin your search is always important and if we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to give Freudenthal a call and let us answer these questions for you.

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