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Freudenthal Home Health salutes family caregivers in the St. Joseph, MO area who are giving wonderful care and help to their senior loved ones each and every day. Our goal with this blog is to give information and resources to help and support St. Joseph, MO area family caregivers.

Social Workers: Resources for Family Caregivers


Resources for family caregivers can be hard to come by and tricky to navigate when they can be found. It can leave the caregiver wishing they had a guide to walk them through the entire process. That’s exactly what social workers do, they are a guide to resources. Here’s the Top 3 ways social workers can help you navigate the confusion of paperwork and phone calls.


Social workers know the resources that are available in your area and what needs to be done to obtain them. It’s difficult to know exactly what resources you or your loved ones may qualify for. Social workers may lead you to resources you never knew existed.


Social workers are there to help and be an advocate for their clients. It can be hard to know who is on your side. There are a lot of negative stereotypes out there about social workers, but you have to remember that first and foremost, social workers are advocates for their clients and their needs.


Along with the knowledge base comes connections to the agencies with resources and the gatekeepers who control them. those connections are important when you’re in need of resources to help care for a loved one.

Freudenthal employs some of the most amazing social workers in the St. Joseph area who are ready to help you get the resources you need to be a family caregiver. Let them help you take some of the stress out of family caregiving and give you more time to be a family. Call 816-676-8050 today and let us know how we can help you.

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