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Freudenthal Home Health salutes family caregivers in the St. Joseph, MO area who are giving wonderful care and help to their senior loved ones each and every day. Our goal with this blog is to give information and resources to help and support St. Joseph, MO area family caregivers.

Service Spotlight: Physical & Occupational Therapy

Aging in place is not an easy thing to do, especially with out some form of assistance. The needs vary greatly from person to person. Take for example, a research study compiled by the University of Michigan reported that 90% of seniors could fix their own meals but only 54% of them could bathe on their own. Fortunately, Freudenthal Home Health Services like Physical & Occupational Therapy can help seniors to maintain, sometimes regain, or even relearn the skills needed to ease the transition from independence to dependance.

Exercise has been shown through research to be one of the most powerful medications we can offer people to help improve their life, their function, their mobility and their quality of life overall.
— Dr. Read Wall, PT - Freudenthal Home Health
 Click the photo above to watch the KNPN news story.  Photo by Monica Dunn | News-Press Now

Click the photo above to watch the KNPN news story. 
Photo by Monica Dunn | News-Press Now

Joe Freudenthal, owner of Freudenthal Home Health, strongly believes in the benefits of keeping seniors healthy and active, so much so that FHH now offers free exercise classes at several facilities all over St. Joseph, MO. The class offered at Joyce Raye Patterson Senior Center was recently highlighted by local media outlets.

There are any number of situations where your primary care physician may order Occupational or Physical therapy, and if they do, it's important to remember you have a choice when it comes to who will be your care provider. At Freudenthal Home Health we not only care for, but also care about our patients. Our therapists and therapist assistants truly deliver first-class care to help you age in place.

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