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Freudenthal Home Health salutes family caregivers in the St. Joseph, MO area who are giving wonderful care and help to their senior loved ones each and every day. Our goal with this blog is to give information and resources to help and support St. Joseph, MO area family caregivers.

Service Spotlight: Personal Care / Companionship


As Family Caregivers, it's not always possible to cover all the needs of the loved ones we are responsible for. It's hard to not feel guilty and think that we should take on every need and request on our own. However there comes a point where we have to admit to ourselves that we may need help to provide the care our loved ones need, because of other commitments like jobs, children, and even physical location. 

When choosing someone to help us in the role as caregiver it's important to find people who will deliver the same level of care and compassion we deliver every day. So many times institutions teach their employees to care for, but not care about their clients. At Freudenthal, we think that's not the way you deliver first-class care. We encourage our staff to care about each and every one of our clients, and to go above and beyond to make sure they feel truly cared for. It's been proven that seniors who feel safe and cared live much happier and sometimes healthier lives than their peers who feel they have be left or forgotten. 

Our process of hiring the right caregiver starts from the moment they walk through our door. We make sure every caregiver has the foundation of our core values, and is truly called to care.
— Shelbe King, Vice President of Freudenthal In-Home Services

Whether it's housekeeping, shopping, transportation, laundry, meal preparation, or more personal care like bathing or making it to the restroom, Freudenthal can be there to make sure your loved ones receive the care we know you would give. Even if it's just spending some time being a companion for them when you need to recharge, we will truly deliver first-class care they will love and the peace of mind you need, knowing they are safe.

Call Freudenthal today and let us show you how a Continuum Of First-Class Care At Home can make a difference, not only for your loved one, but also for you.

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