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Freudenthal Home Health salutes family caregivers in the St. Joseph, MO area who are giving wonderful care and help to their senior loved ones each and every day. Our goal with this blog is to give information and resources to help and support St. Joseph, MO area family caregivers.

Service Spotlight: Meal Preparation


"Mom always made the best spaghetti..."  What happens when mom can't cook anymore? As family caregivers it's hard to not be torn in 30 different directions everyday. Some days it feels like you're running up hill in 3 feet of snow and the very last thing on your mind is "What's for dinner?" Unfortunately as family caregivers we don't have the option to declare it a fasting day and just hope to be able to fix a meal tomorrow — meals have to happen. 

It’s important to know that Medicaid & VA benefits will help pay for meal preparation, and we can help you find out if you qualify for this service. At Freudenthal we are one of the few companies who work weekends and also work with you to space out your allowed daily service hours between morning and evenings.
— Lisa Groce, Executive Director Medicaid Division

You don't have to fight the meal battle alone. One of the services we offer as a part of our Full Life at Home program is meal preparation. If it's a struggle to be able to make meals for your dependent loved one, lean on us. For just .60¢ a minute we will come to your home and prepare the meals for your loved one and free up your time to handle the other pressing needs of being a caregiver or to just breathe. It's important to get help, even with tasks like meal preparation, in order to keep from burning out.

There are countless unseen tears shed by family caregivers every day because of the stress that comes with this responsibility. We can help alleviate some of those tears and maybe take the dread out of "What's for dinner?"

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