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Freudenthal Home Health salutes family caregivers in the St. Joseph, MO area who are giving wonderful care and help to their senior loved ones each and every day. Our goal with this blog is to give information and resources to help and support St. Joseph, MO area family caregivers.

Preventing Falls & Saving Lives


The effects of falls are staggering and sometimes even fatal. Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury among older adults, and the most frequent reason for non-fatal trauma as well. Statistics show that every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall and every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. 

Family caregivers can help their senior loved ones stay safe, whether they’re living with them or separately. The National Council on Aging suggests following these steps:

1. Discuss function levels, medications, eyeglasses.

Family caregivers can only do so much. Many seniors believe they won’t fall — or they won’t get seriously hurt. Discuss their current health conditions and if they need help managing their medications. Ask them if any of their daily tasks are more difficult than usual, and try to ensure their eye prescription is up to date.

2. Look for warning signs and take action.

If your parent is holding onto walls, furniture or other people when walking, it’s time to speak with their physician about having a Freudenthal physical therapist do an assessment. Some aging adults may be resistant to using a cane or walker as they see it as a loss of independence.

3. Get a fall risk assessment.

Is the carpet on one pesky step torn? Is the kitchen step stool wobbly? Is the bathtub slippery? Contact Freudenthal for a safety assessment. Our professionals will walk through the home, looking at lighting, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, the kitchen and common spaces to ensure the fall risk is minimal and pointing out what could be changed.

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