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A Clean House Can Help Your Heart!

In a study done by Indiana University, it was shown that having a clean home can actually have a positive effect on your heart health. The study was done in St. Louis among the African American community, because they have a much higher risk for cardiovascular disease. The study showed that the people who had cleaner homes were over-all more positive, healthier, & less stressed out. So, why is organization so important to us?


The human body is made up of tens of thousands of integrated biological and chemical systems that are organized. Did you know your cells operate on strict schedules, called circadian rhythms? Without this organization, our bodies would collapse.

It would stand to reason that we crave symmetry and that a desire for cleanliness in our homes is a mirror of the organization within our very own bodies. So in effect, order supports health — and opposes chaos.

What if I have a cluttered home?

You can’t imagine how much a clean home can change the mind set of our clients. When we first get to their home, they are frustrated and depressed. As we clean you see their faces and attitude gradually get brighter, and then by the time we finish and are about to leave we finally get to see them smile. They’re proud of their home again.
— Jennifer Marrcot - Freudenthal Private Duty Division

As we progress through life, we all acquire small (or sometimes big) items that we don't really need. As the item count grows so does the clutter.

SOLUTION: Getting rid of clutter can be really hard - especially when we feel an emotional tie to an object. Do your best to donate or give away your unused items to charity. One blog even suggests taking pictures of the items before letting them go so you always have a reminder of that object, that takes up FAR LESS room.

What if I can't clean my home because of health reasons?

Sometimes we just can't declutter because of health or disability factors, but that's no reason to remain in a state of depression. It's always okay to ask for help. Ask family or friends to help you start to declutter. Once you get to your "happy place" don't hesitate to call Freudenthal for help keeping it a relaxing heart healthy space.

Regardless of how you do it, it’s clear that staying clean and organized is a good thing for all of us. It can help relieve depression, help us become more productive, and it may very well help us become a little more physically fit.

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