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5 Well Rounded Resolutions for the New Year!

Every year we make resolutions to improve our lives during the coming year, and more often than not our galant efforts fall to the side as we manage our daily journey. Life has a way of derailing the best laid plans. This year we propose that you don’t shoot for the stars, but plan for your journey!

Drastic changes to our daily habits and routines are hard to manage and often unsustainable, but small changes made over time that augment our life can make a positive impact in our over all well being. We’ve scoured the health journals and came up with 5 well rounded resolutions that are easy and can truly make a difference in your life.


Look For The Laughs

Laughing everyday not only acts as a stress reliever, it also stimulates your entire brain! Laughing also releases antibodies that help to build up your immune system. So whether you start reading the comics in the newspaper or buy a joke book, make sure to build more laughter into your day. Remember, laughter is also contagious so, not only are you helping your health, you’re also improving the health of those around you!


Get Puzzled

Find brain teasers and puzzles you enjoy solving. From word searches to crosswords, or even more complicated things like sudoku, puzzles help you to build your brain power and improve your memory. According to research studies, regularly engaging your mind may help lower your risk for the dementia associated with Alzheimer's disease. If you have a smartphone there are several free puzzle apps. You can also find free puzzles like these!


It Out

Regular stretching not only keeps you limber, it also helps prevent injury. If you are struggling with Parkinson’s make sure all your stretches are big and over exaggerated to help your body recalibrate and help you manage your symptoms. Look for natural opportunities in your daily routine to stretch, like making it a part of your routine of standing up and sitting down. Every time you stand up, stretch out your arms and do a little march in place to get the circulation going. Even putting in a side to side stretch can help you with your balance. Dr. Robert Knowles gave us some great daily exercises in a recent blog post —> click here!


A Snack

You don’t have to substitute every snack, but try to substitute one or two a day with a healthy option. If you’re more the grazing type; try to keep nuts, like almonds, around so you can eat a few here and there throughout the day. Substituting carrots for a cookie not only brings down the calorie count but increases your fiber intake. That’s a nutrition double play!


Take The Stairs

If you have the option to do a little more exercise, take it. If you can climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, go for it. If that’s not possible, try parking one more spot away from your destination in the parking lot. As you build up strength, move another space away. The more you exercise the better, but do it in increments and with care.

Start your year off with these five easy resolutions and you may be surprised how healthy you are when next year rolls around!

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